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Personal and Production
Marc Rose, owner of Fuse, has voiced over 300 original characters, but can do straight reads too. There’s nothing like being in front of the mic to learn exactly what to do on the production end to capture your own voice talent at peak resonation.


Original or Bed
If you need to meet a deadline or budget, professional beds are available. But if you need something special, that won’t be heard anywhere else, Fuse can compose a cinema-quality score for any project: commercial, film or corporate.


Audio FX
Fuse has been designing custom FX since 1980, at the inception of the internationally aired original radio series, Dry Smoke & Whispers. This series is built from the ground up, with cinema-quality audio FX. We can do the same for you.


Been There Done That
There’s nothing like experience to assure a project stays on budget and schedule (at least on our end). Check out our Demos for scored animation, language specific orientation, VO commercials, and 35 years of getting it right.

Podcast Production Services

Perfecting Your Voice


Techniques For VO
Are you beginning a voice acting career?

Is there software you would like to learn, or know better?

Do room acoustics confuse and frustrate you?  

Whether you’re beginning a career in voice acting or whether you’re already a practicing professional, regardless of your experience level, you may be confused by all the hardware, software, cable interconnections and myriad choices you have to make to set up your own home studio or simply turn your existing space into a workable VO environment.

Marc Rose can assist in all of these processes and show you how to create professional level auditions and demos.

Marc has worked in the audio post production industry for over thirty years providing audio services to such clients as AT&T, Disney, The Discovery Channel, Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, and many others so he’s learned a trick or two about creating a terrific sounding final product and can share that knowledge with you with affordable rates for guaranteed results.